AUSA Global Forces Conference

I attended the AUSA Global Forces Conference in Huntsville AL last week. This is a medium sized conference targeting the Army and companies that support the Army. There was a lot of new technology there. I saw more drone companies there this year than I have in the past. That market is growing incredibly fast. Of course Cyber security was a big topic there. Several new companies were displaying capabilities in adapting Artificial Intelligence to Army logistics and data management needs. I haven’t seen that so prevalent before. These conferences can be expensive to display at for a new start up company, but they are a good way to connect with similar companies and find out what your competitors are up to. Even if you just walk the show they can be worthwhile.

Phil Davidson
Author: Phil Davidson

I have worked in the Defense Industry as a contractor for over 20 years. I do Business Development for a small aviation company right now, but I have worked as a full-time and part-time consultant over the years. I decided to redesign my website as a place where I can share information about my experience and help companies come together for working together and teaming.

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