Creating a Requirements Matrix

A Requirements Matrix is a valuable tool when evaluating a government opportunity. The 1st step is to review the SOW/PWS/SOO or what every requirements document you have. READ EVERY WORD! Failure to understand something is on you not the Government. After you have read and understood the SOW so a word search for the word SHALL. Look at the sentence that contains the word “shall”. It probably says “contractor shall…” or something similar. Copy that sentence to a spreadsheet. Repeat the process for the word WILL. This will be the basis for your requirements matrix. Now you have a list of the contract requirements you can use to create a WBS, start your pricing and other projects.

As you’re creating your requirements matrix copy the requirement to the spreadsheet, but also document the document and paragraph number the requirement came from. This will be useful data as you continue your analysis.

One word of WARNING: Searching for Will and Shall bill get you 90% of your requirements, but more complex requirements may not be so easily identified. That is why it is vitally important to READ all the solicitation documents completely. If you fail to recognize and price and requirement it’s your fault not the Government’s. Don’t expect special consideration for your mistake.

Phil Davidson
Author: Phil Davidson

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